I am a scientist. I have PhD in Biology and work in the university as a researcher and lecturer. I never thought that art is on the opposite side from science. If anything in my mind its other way round. I see art in science and I see science in art.

Over the years in the university, on my spare time I was constantly trying out all the different arts and crafts techniques, searching for something to stick with. For a while I was making recycled jewelry out of paper. I still needed some metal hooks and rings, and I was tired of buying the mass-produced parts for my jewelry. Then I decided to start learning more about goldsmithing. I entered Applied Arts School while doing my PhD in Molecular Biology in the same time.


I got fascinated by mandalas during Composition class. Did my first one as a homework. Now I try to find time in my day for science, teaching, painting and jewelry making, among other things. Time flies and I wish I had more of it.

I find peace and quiet in painting. Dotting is very meditative. I never have “a plan” before painting. Unlike science, where I must have a plan before every experiment, in art I can experiment without a plan. Everything starts with a first dot.

And finally, I just love colors. I don’t have a favorite color, because I think that all colors are beautiful in its own place and time.


Upcoming exhibitions:

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Upcoming workshops:

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Past exhibitions:

 2019 09 01 “Result of obsesive dotting” @ Movido Bar in Kaunas


Past workshops:


“Painting Meditation” @ Baltic Burn 2019 festival

“Painting Meditation” @ Gaya 2019 festival

“Painting Meditation” @ Sintezė 2019 festival


“Paper Jewelry workshop” @ Tundra 2016 festival